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Toronto Shoring Inc. Shoring, Excavation, Demolition, Construction


Geotechnical assessments

We lower shoring project risks by examining the engineering thresholds of the earth materials in question. We utilize the principles of soil and rock mechanics to evaluate stability of the working area and assess risks posed by site conditions.

Excavation and Temporary Shoring Installations

We perform the excavation and ensure that the surrounding properties are not impacted by your project by utilizing our PASS methodology approach. Our support structures are engineered to meet specific site conditions and eliminate the risk of collapse.

Turnkey Temporary Shoring

We can provide turnkey temporary shoring solutions to ensure your structure and the work site is safe. Our expertise in the installation of earth retention systems, allows us act quickly and efficiently. The result is a temporary shoring solution that is solid without any impact to your overall project timeline.


is at the foundation of everything we do!


We can help you with both partial and fulldemolition projects. Our highly trained staff are trained to safely remove any structures, up to 4 stories high, including private homes, commercial/municipal buildings and schools.

Emergency Service

We offer 24 hour emergency services for any of your shoring, excavation and demolition projects. Please call us at (416) 801-7636.